My last class in the spring term

I had my last class in the spring term.
When I provided the students with the following greeting,
"I would like to conclude my lecture today. I really express my appreciation for your cooperation and active attendance....
I really enjoyed my class. Have a good summer. See you later", my students gave a big hand to me. I moved that very much.
Every class I provided the students with a quiz.
You must had conducted a hard work during spring term. Thank you for the working hard for me.
One of my students asked me as follows,
"If we would like to see you, where could we see you in fall term?"
"Well, I will come back this campus in fall term. And I will continue to teach Accounting in Japanese on Thursday mornings.
So, you could see me on Thursday morning or lunch time in fall term.
Or, as I have a graduate class at other campus in fall term, you could see me at graduate class".
I was so pleased to hear this question. I will miss my all students! Thank you for attention.

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